Gorkha Municipality -6, Chhahare- Gorkha



Female skilled Masons

involved in shelter reconstruction at Gorkha.

Donor Visit (DFID/CARE)

@ Gorkha.

Donor visit form Save the Children

Donor visit (CAFOD)

Under GRRP program @Aarughat RM, Gorkha.

Donor visit from CRS Head Quater

@ Aarughat RM, Gorkha. under GRRP program.

Donor visit

@ Gorkha.

Annual Review & Reflesion_2077-078 BS.

Annual Review & Reflesion_2077-078 BS.

@ Crown Hotel & Resorte, Gorkha. Date: 15th August 2021 AD.

Community Awarness Center (CAC)

@ Aarughat RM-5, Pakhure Gorkha



RCC demo ward building handover ceremony

@ Aarughat RM-5, Gorkha with the partnership of CRS.

Social Audit

of vulnerable HHs construction support @ Aarughat RM, Gorkha.

Joint Monitoring visit

@ Dharche RM, Gorkha.

Office Building (new constructing)

COVID-19 Response Program-I

with the partnership of CRS.

31st Annual General Assembly- 2075 BS.

31st Annual General Assembly- 2075 BS.

World water day celebration.

with the partnership of CRS. @ Aarughat RM, Gorkha.


Staffs meeting

@ SSICDC, Gorkha_2013

CAFOD visit

@ Aarughat RM, Gorkha under Gorkha Recovery and Resilience Project. with the partnership of CRS.

Reconstructed school building handover.

@ Shree Majhathar Secondary School, Swanra Gorkha

IAP free declares @ Takumajha Lakuribot, Gorkha

First indoor air pollution free declares VDC of Gorkha district.

SSICDC, Gorkha Team

In semi-annual review and reflection meeting @ Gorkha office.

Community meeting

@ Kasigaun, Gorkha

COVID-19 Response Program-I

with the partnership of CRS. (foot take supported handwashing station)

31st Annual General Assembly- 2075 BS.

SSICDC, Gorkha

COVID-19 Response program-II

7 days Skilled Mason Training

@ Aarughat RM-5, Gorkha


                     I am delighted to present Shree Swanra integrated Community Development Center (SSICDC) Gorkha’s website: This website highlighted an overview of SSICDC Gorkha’s project implemented in Gorkha, Lamjung, and Dolpa District. SSICDC interventions have focused on Social Mobilization, water supply, and sanitation, HIV/ AIDS, Health, Nutrition, Integrated developments, Education, Shelter, skilled-based training, infrastructure development, Food Security & Livelihood  Restoration through Agriculture, Value Chain Approach, Climate Change Smart Agriculture, Income Generation Program, Commercial & Semi Commercial Agno Forestry Production, Bio-diversity Conservation, Climate Change Adaptation, Housing Reconstruction & Rehabilitation, Reducing Vulnerability and increasing resilience of the Earthquake Affected Community, DRR Governance, Gender & Social protection and Entrepreneurship development. These interventions have helped the most vulnerable and marginalized community’s to diversity their livelihood options, manage alternative energy sources, reduce risks of disasters caused by natural and human-made calamities, conserve nature, increase income through the agriculture value chain. We are implementing COVID-19 response program-I & II, and the Landslide Response program. These all projects were implemented in partnership with” Save The Children, CRS, CARE Nepal, Lutheran World Relief, UNDP/ CILRP, UNICEF, Raleigh International/INSAC, USAID/WWF Nepal, and UNDP/ODRC, CRS, District Development Committee, Gorkha, District Education Office, Gorkha, Fund development board, CBWSSP/world bank, SNV, DIG, UNFPA, WOREC Nepal and Urban/Rural Municipalities”. I would like to thanks all the partners for their valuable support and partnership.

            These achievements would not have been possible without support from the all Local Government, Urban & Rural Municipalities, Partners, Government Line Agencies, District Co-ordinations Community, executive board of SSICDC and General Members as well as all beneficiaries, participants and community members. So, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who have always co-operated and support in our journey.

          Finally, I would like to acknowledge the great effort and dedications of SSICDC staffs for their tireless effort to achieve organizations objectives.

Thank you.

- Sitaram Shrestha (2)

A warm welcome to all visitors to our website. It is our pleasure to introduce Shree Swanra Integrated Community development Centre (SSICDC), Gorkha website The main aim of this site is to provide information about SSICDC Gorkha, its mission, vision, goal, objectives, activities, and future plans. I hope that you will find our website to be informative and useful as well.

SSICDC, Gorkha has completed its 33rd-year journey and will continue for many more years providing services to marginalized, vulnerable, and socially back warded communities mostly women and children. We are fully aware of our citizen responsibility and committed to providing services to the marginalized communities in a suitable way in the future as well. We would like to express gratitude towards all our funders including the Government of Nepal, its ministries, and departments, who accept us as a true program implementation organization and delivered continued support for us. We would like to thank the community people who saw optimism towards our programs and supported for a better outcome. We are pleased to be a leading humanitarian body of Gorkha district supporting the most affected communities to build back after the devastating 2015 earthquake. Our programs, we believe, are supporting the country to be well into the recovery and reconstruction phase. Despite the continuous efforts, a great deal still remains to be done in the sector of Health, Nutrition, WASH, Shelter reconstruction, Education, Livelihood, child protection, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, gender-based violence, social mobilization, DRR, COVID-19 response and associate components as Gorkha district was hit most severely past experiences.  We are always ready to join our hands with every stakeholder aiming to continue the contribution towards the national campaign of reconstruction, recovery, COVID response.

We have acceptance in an effective human capital and mobilization according to the need of the program. SSICDC would not be in the landmark where we are without the remarkable and dedicated support of staff working as various designations from office to the community level. Our staffs are highly acknowledged and expectation remains for the continuation of appreciative support from them in future days.

Thank you.

- Krishna Kumari Gurung (1)

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